Meet Fr. Robert Barron

by Scott on March 25, 2010

Fr. Barron is a contemporary Catholic evangelist who’s doing awesome work with new media. He reaches millions of people through Word On Fire by utilizing advanced and emerging technologies. Here’s a recent video where Fr. Barron comments on the current “Vampire craze.”

* – Fr. Barron’s website launched in 1999 draws over 300,000 visitors a year from every continent. Fr. Barron posts weekly video clips, commentaries and radio sermons and offers an audio archive of over 300 homilies. Podcasts of his sermons are widely used by tens of thousands of visitors each month.
* TV – EWTN (The Eternal Word Television Network) broadcasts Fr. Barron’s DVDs to a worldwide audience of over 44 million people.
* Radio – Since 1999, Fr. Barron’s weekly Word On Fire program has been broadcast in Chicago (WGN) and throughout the country (Relevant Radio – 950 AM Chicago) to 28 million listeners in 17 states. Fr. Barron also is a regular commentator on the “Busted Halo Show” on the Sirius satellite radio network based in New York.
* DVDs – Fr. Barron’s DVDs are used as powerful faith formation tools in universities, schools, churches and homes around the country. The series includes Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Lively Virtues; Faith Clips; Conversion: Following the Call of Christ; and Untold Blessing: Three Paths to Holiness.
* YouTube – Online video commentaries by Fr. Barron draw thousands of viewers worldwide and are among the most popular of any evangelist on YouTube. These frequent, high-quality productions include brief and lively theological reviews of contem porary culture, including movies such as No Country for Old Men, Apocalypto, and The Departed, a three-part critical review of Christopher Hitchen’s book God is Not Great, The Discovery Channel’s The Jesus Tomb, the HBO series “The Sopranos”, “Rome” and more.
* Missions – MISSION CHICAGO features evangelization lectures by Fr. Barron at the behest of Cardinal George. These special missions and presentations throughout the Archdiocese are centered in downtown Chicago and attract business, civic, and cultural leaders.

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