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by Scott on July 9, 2010

Often you want to share information you find online with your friends or readers but you don’t have the time to write your own article. You also know that it’s important to be a good Internet citizen and not plagerize the works of others. Copying and pasting material from someone else’s blog to use in your own post is generally not kosher unless you have the author’s permission, the source is well documented, and you provide a link to the original content.

One of the best ways to find and politely share interesting articles is by using two Google products, Reader and Buzz. This post will show you how to subscribe to and share interesting content you find online, then display it on your WordPress website in a summary format with a link to the original article. You’ll notice that I’ve started to share my favorite content using a special “widget” in the right-most column of this site in a window called “ParishGeeks Buzz.”

Just What is Google Reader and Google Buzz?
I realize that many people have no idea how Google Reader, let alone Google Buzz, works. I think it’s safe to say that  it’s a relatively small number of “common folk” who even know what an RSS feed is, let alone how to use Google Reader to consume and share the content these feeds deliver. So I’ve decided that today’s lesson will be on this topic.

Let’s first take a look at this video for a brief overview of what Google Reader is and how it works:

Reader is a tool to quickly and easily view the content you’re interested in on the web without having to visit dozens of websites each day. To use Reader you’ll need a Google account if you don’t already have one. Watch the following video to learn how to start using Reader:

Add a few feeds from your favorite websites to Reader now. (Tip: At the bottom of the Subscriptions window you’ll see a link to Manage Subscriptions. Here you can group your feeds into folders to keep them organized.)

Sharing your Reader Items
After you’ve added a few feeds it’s time to share some of the more interesting posts with your friends and the world. Watch this video to learn how to share items from Reader:

Enter Google Buzz and WordPress
Now that you’ve shared some of your favorite posts in Reader, let’s publish them to Google Buzz so we can see them on your WordPress website. Before we get started with the mechanics of how to do this, let’s learn a little bit more about Google Buzz in this short video from Google:

To enable your shared items to appear in Buzz, you have to connect Reader to Buzz. You do this within Buzz.

After clicking on your name you’ll have the option to connect other sites to Buzz. Click on the connected sites link. While you’re here you might also want to take a few minutes to update your Google profile using the link next to the connected sites link.

Watch this short video showing you how to connect sites to Buzz:

Now that Reader is connected to Buzz, it’s time to install the WordPress plugin called Google Buzz ER. This displays the content of your Buzz (which is now getting your shared content from Reader) in your WordPress website. This happens instantly when you click a share link in Reader.

Google Buzz ER Plugin for WordPress
Login to the admin panel of your WordPress site and click Plugins. Click the Add New button and search for “Google Buzz ER.” WordPress will locate the plugin and offer to install it for you. Install and activate the plugin.

Now that the plugin is installed and activated, it’s time to add the widget it creates to display your shares. Click on the Appearance drop-down menu located just above the Plugins menu. Now click Widgets. Locate the Google Buzz ER widget and drag it onto either Sidebar 1 or Sidebar 2, either above or below existing widgets in the Sidebar. Mine is located in Sidebar 2, just above my Facebook widget.

After installing the widget, you’ll need to go to the options page to enter your Buzz ID/account. Here you can also create a title for your widget, decide if you want to post images in the stream, etc. I love the way it handles images from posts and I always enable this feature.

Save your options for Google Buzz ER and check out your site. You should now see the Buzz widget in your sidebar. Now every time you share something from Google Reader, it will appear in your Buzz and also on your site within your Buzz widget.

Links for additional information:
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