Theology of the Body Congress

by Scott on July 30, 2010

My wife and I are preparing to teach a Theology of the Body for Teens course to our high school CCD class this Fall. Knowing that we’re in desperate need of a crash course to help us do justice to this deep and beautiful topic, I was blessed to discover a live streaming option for the sold-out, first ever Theology of the Body Congress that took place in Philadelphia this week.

While looking for resources on TOB, I stumbled upon an option to subscribe to the live video stream of the keynote speakers and panels at the Congress. I was particularly pleased to learn that my friend, Lisa Hendey, would be moderating the panel on “Theology of the Body and Pastoral Ministry.”

While I thoroughly enjoyed viewing the live stream from the Congress, I feel that for my $89 I should have been able to view recordings of the speakers at any time during the event. Unfortunately, there were no provisions made for this. Due to a schedule conflict I ended up missing Dr. Janet Smith’s talk, as well as the panel on Same Sex Marriage.  In this age of TIVO and UStream I’m just not accustomed to having to plan my viewing schedule around an event’s live broadcast schedule. The beauty of digital video recording is that you can view it on YOUR SCHEDULE.

Having said that, I was extremely impressed by the speakers I was able to watch. I now have a much better appreciation for how much we don’t know about this incredibly deep subject, yet listening to the speakers has given me more confidence in our ability to teach the course well. The speakers also revealed several great resources to help us along the way. I’d love to attend the 5-day immersion course taking place at the TOB Institute in August, but I don’t believe my schedule will permit. Perhaps I’ll be able to make it next time it’s offered. [UPDATE: I will be attending the immersion course after all! I’m so excited to have this opportunity to really dig in to the TOB teachings. God is good.]

I’m  amazed at how powerfully God is moving through his people via Pope John Paul II’s teachings on the Theology of the Body. I really had no idea how big this was when we signed up to teach the course. I feel so blessed to be able to be among those chosen to catechize the teachings of TOB. Thanks be to God.

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