The Knox Bible

by Scott on November 13, 2012

The Knox Bible

Until recently, I was not aware of the Knox Bible. My wife learned about it when it was recently republished by Baronius Press after some 50 years of being out of print. She asked me if I knew about this edition and I did not.

I googled it and found that it was a valid Catholic edition of Sacred Scripture and that it had received numerous endorsements concerning its authentic and contemporary interpretation of the Latin Vulgate.

Background on the
Knox Bible

Christine immediately contacted The Paraclete (Diocese of Knoxville bookstore) and placed a special order for it. It arrived today and she’s so excited. In addition to the translation, she’s really happy with the format in that there’s a single column per page and the verse numbers are in the columns, rather than amongst the text itself. It’s beautifully bound and the pages have gold edges.

Christine’s excited to begin reading it. What a gift when one’s wife is pumped up about reading the Bible! I’m truly blessed…thanks be to God.

The Knox Bible and supporting materials
from Baronius Press.

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