Website Services

A Modern, Ad-Free Social Website for Your Parish!

We’re social/new media savvy Catholics who design and develop modern websites for parishes and other Catholic communities. We develop our sites exclusively in WordPress, the leading website and blog development platform.

Although your parish may already have a website, there’s a good chance it needs a makeover. We can freshen up your existing site using the latest Internet publishing tools and techniques. Our prices are reasonable and our work is heavenly. When you need help, just think of us as your on-call computer staff. Wherever you’re located, our remote support model ensures a prompt, timely response if you ever need our assistance.

Our websites are built using WordPress, the leading open source CMS (content management system) used to power hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs around the world. It’s easily customized with any of thousands of “plugins” which provide additional functionality to manage and extend your website.

We also tightly integrate your site with Google and industry leading social services such as Flickr for photo sharing, Facebook and Twitter. We integrate with the leading tools on the Internet, rather than providing a proprietary all-in-one solution. The end result is a more versatile and powerful website that provides limitless upgrade and integration options as new best-of-breed services are introduced. When the next Facebook, Twitter or Google comes on the scene, you can be sure your site will be able to easily integrate with these services.

Don’t spend good money on a website, only to find in the coming years that your platform is tied to a single provider or service. Insist on an open platform where the code and content belong to you, can be backed up locally, and easily moved to a different hosting service if you desire. Some companies build your website on their proprietary platforms that lock you in to their service for life or until you decide to throw everything out, switch providers and start all over.

With our WordPress website there are no ads to sell or display, no setup fees or additional monthly fees. Everything you’ll need is included in the price for one year, including training and support. We use the latest in remote access technology to allow us to offer you online seminars, training sessions and troubleshooting when you need it.

At the end of the first year you’ll only need to renew your domain name registration and pay the annual hosting fee for another year. Your annual cost is only $200, which includes your domain name renewal, annual hosting fee, and ongoing site maintenance. We’ll continue to manage your backups and software updates. Enhancements and additional support are available at any time at our low hourly rate.


Option 1:  Modern Parish Website
$ 995
We work with you closely to design and setup your parish website, including the registration of your domain name and hosting for one year. This package provides the foundation for your Internet presence and it’s a great way to get started quickly and inexpensively. We manage your site for you, keeping all the software components backed up and up to date, so you don’t have to worry about that. You just add your articles, photos and calendar items.

You’ll need to provide a contact who’s responsible for learning to use the different features of your website. More than one person from your parish can attend our online training sessions, but we’ll need a primary contact to assume responsibility for communications and ongoing maintenance of the site. This person will approve member comments and perform other administrative tasks.

We’ll design and build your site, as well as provide training for your key users. We’ll show you everything you need to know to take full advantage of its many features.

A modern website, customized for your parish
– Flexible and powerful platform for publishing and member interaction
– Multiple user accounts with various access rights, allowing anyone to be a contributor
– Easily embed video and photos in your articles
– Full administrative control over reader comments to ensure only appropriate comments are displayed
– Parish calendar using Google Calendar integration
– Photo sharing with Flickr
– Newsfeeds and Catholic links
– Unlimited parish email addresses (i.e. with forwarding to individuals’ current email accounts

Other Included Services
– Domain Name Procurement and Registration (1st year)
– Website hosting with unlimited bandwidth and storage (1st year)
– 4 hours of information gathering and design consultation
– 4 hours online training and support for your website admin*
– 1 year management services (updates and backups)

*We use GoToMyPC remote access software to provide online training and support.


Option 2:  Advanced Website with Google Analytics, Flickr, Facebook & Twitter Setup & Integration
$ 1,495
Our advanced package provides everything the Basic website includes plus extensive social and new media integration. In addition to an advanced WordPress site with a modern, responsive theme, we’ll also set you up on Facebook & Twitter, get your Flickr account established for sharing parish photos, and provide detailed website usage statistics from Google Analytics. Finally, we’ll make sure your members don’t miss a single post by integrating email and reader subscription services.

– Everything in the Basic package, but using a more advanced multimedia theme, integrated with Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.
– Complete Flickr, Facebook, Twitter account setup and integration
– A/V enabled for recorded homilies and podcasts
– Setup for member subscription services
– Additional 2 hours on-line training and support for your website admin


Additional Fees and Services

Annual renewal and administration fees – $200
Hosting and domain name registration renewal. This is the only annual cost you need to budget for if you don’t need additional training, modifications or support. We’ll also continue to manage your backups and software updates.

Website enhancements and services – $75/hr. 
(WordPress sites only)
Adding additional custom features as requested.
Enhancements and services include, but are not limited to:
– Change of design or addition of pages and/or features
– Additional online training or support
– Accept online donations via PayPal
– Setup flockNote, parish registration tool that gathers parishioner data, plugs them into your ministries & builds a system of distribution lists to communicate with them over email, txt msg, Twitter, Facebook & more. Does not include monthly flockNote licensing fees.